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Generally, collection matters will be handled on the pre-suit contingent fee basis set forth on the Claim Submission. In the event that suit becomes necessary, we will submit our suit requirements to you in writing for consideration. Generally, in addition to our pre-suit contingent fee, our suit requirements will include an advancement for costs and a non-contingent suit fee. Suit will not be filed unless and until you instruct us to proceed. Additionally, should your case become highly disputed, should a demand for jury trial be made or should a counterclaim be filed, we reserve the right to request an additional non-contingent fee and/or charge for our services at our normal hourly rate then in effect upon said occurrence. If not already provided, we will also need an up-to-date, itemized statement of account, any credit applications and personal guarantees, if applicable, and the originals of any other documentation relating to this obligation, as well as confirmation of the full legal names and compositions of the creditor and debtor.

Other legal matters, if accepted, will generally be handled on an hourly basis or a fixed fee basis, depending on the nature of the legal work involved. Please feel free to contact us regarding any such legal matters for specific fee arrangements.