Need a Collection Agency ? Use A Collection Attorney for Less ! No Fee, Unless We Make A Recovery.

It only takes a few minutes and after we have promptly reviewed your claim, one of our attorneys will advise you if we can accept it. It costs you nothing to submit your claim.

Our Process

Prior to suit, we don’t charge a fee on claims greater than $2500, unless we are successful in making a recovery. Our typical contingency fee for pre-suit matters is based on the date of the oldest outstanding invoice or balance.

Competitive Rates

Our contingency fee rates on commercial claims are based on the age of your claim. The sooner you turn it over, the lower the rate. 18% for claims less than 120 days, 25% for claims less than 1 year, and 33.3% for claims greater than a year. For claims less than $2500, we have a minimum fee of $97 plus our standard contingency fee; or you may want to try our flat fee $97 Demand Letter service.

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No suit will be filed unless authorized by you.

After your online claim submission, we will promptly review your claim. We will advise you if we can accept the claim on the basis submitted. If there is a question, you will be contacted.

Further questions?

Give us a call at (904) 636-8600. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Existing Clients or Collection Agency

We are redesigning our client and collection agency login portal. In the meantime, call us if you have any questions.

Client Comments

“Our company has used Joseph & Marees for over 15 years and we couldn’t be happier with their services. They are very professional and always keep us up-to-date on our cases. We have a very good winning track record, thanks to their team of attorneys. It is truly a pleasure working with them.”
Wendy C.
“Joseph & Marees provided vigorous representation with a personalized dedication to our needs. They are extremely knowledgeable and diligent, and always take the time to personally ensure that the client understands all aspects of the matter at hand. Their availability to the client, as well as the kindness and compassion that they show is rare. The outcome in our case far exceeded anything we could have hoped for, and we are forever grateful. We could not have asked for better representation and would highly recommend this firm.”
“Raymond is an outstanding attorney in his area of specialty. He assisted me in complicated collection matters in an estate and did a very effective job of reconstructing the obligations from incomplete documentation, and negotiating excellent settlements with creditors. He is my first choice locally in dealing with creditor and debtor issues.”
“This is fantastic, Mike. I knew we had the right person for the job chasing this man..”
Nancye S.
“Raymond’s knowledge and honor led our company to him time after time. He is thorough and his insights have led to many successes for us.”
Nancy S.
“I have known and used Raymond for over 15 years. He has always been very professional and anytime I needed a question answered in any area of my position as Credit or Collections, he has always given me the answer. No waiting time – he always returns calls or emails immediately. He has collected over $3,000,000.00 for me in the past and I recently changed companies in the last two years and he has collected over $1,000,000.00 for the new company I am working for. His partner, Mike Marees, and all of his staff have been amazing to work with and has made my job easy. If you need someone to work for you, he is the man.”
Janice A.
“Raymond has provided me with exceptional service and he has been a pleasure to work with.”
Charles D.
“Mr. Marees has now helped me three times. Even though I’m in North Carolina I do business in Florida, and they seem to give you full attention no matter how small the amounts in question may be. I had 2 from their firm drive 11 hrs round trip just to aid me in mediation… in my experiences using simply a collection agency is pointless because if you come to an impasse you will need an attorney anyway and have just wasted a lot of time by starting over. These guys just get to the heart of the matter from the get go. And unlike a collection agency, these guys have teeth and get the attention of the debtor, as they say. I would highly recommend them no matter how little the amount owed is.”
Bill W.
“TLC strongly recommends Raymond, we have found his services more than satisfactory and we have been using his services since 2002.”
Gloria K.
“Thank you very much. You are good. I do not expect any money since I told you from the beginning that you can keep anything you get. So do what you want, but I am just glad you were able to get him to pay.”
Charles D.
“I just referred you to one of my clients who needs help on a collection matter. The company name of my customer is … I’ve been singing your praises on how you’ve helped us.
S. D.
“Raymond and his staff are a pleasure to work with.”
Dan E. CPA
“Raymond is an extremely competent attorney, very knowledgeable, reliable, and an easy communicator.”
Nancy B.