While many business or commercial disputes can be resolved through artful negotiations, in some cases a lawsuit can not be avoided. If so, make sure you have a seasoned commercial litigator on your team to guide you through this difficult process. We can help with all your litigation services needs.

Litigation Services

Seasoned Litigators – Our partners each have over 30 years of trial tested experience, having handled thousands of cases and hundreds of commercial trials over the years. When you business is on the line, have someone who has the experience to guide you through this confusing maze. We are more than willing to be your aggressive advocate in the courtroom.

Cost Benefit Analysis– Most commercial litigation matters ultimately settle. Unfortunately, it’s usually after both sides have spent too much time and money. It’s critical to have a game plan in place, with a clearly defined cost benefit analysis. What are reasonable parameters for settlement? When should an offer be rejected and trial becomes a cost effective option ?

Our Litigation Philosophy– The Philosophy of Joseph & Marees is inherent in our firm’s crest. In it, you will find our pledge to protect your interests and defend your business against injustice. You can see our commitment to fight for rights by assertively challenging those who wrong you whenever necessary. And most importantly, you will discover the symbol of our success… Our ability to balance these actions carefully, as well as uphold the law with unequivocal integrity and honor.

Call us for a consultation of commercial dispute before you spend unnecessary time and money.