Demand Letters

Is Your Debtor Ignoring you? Want to get their attention?

Our Demand Letter Service Can Help!

About our Demand Letter Service

Ready to let your debtor know you’re serious about getting paid? If your claim is less than $5000, here is a low cost (only $97) way to tell the debtor that it’s time for you to get paid. After reviewing your information, our Florida collection attorneys will immediately send your debtor one of ATTORNEY DEMAND LETTERS, instructing them to pay you immediately in order to avoid further legal action. It’s the debtor’s last chance to pay you directly, before they incur the fees and costs of having our experienced attorneys file suit. You’ve worked hard for your money – Take some serious action now!


What you get for $97.00.

Our experienced team of Florida collection lawyers will review your claim and make appropriate immediate written demand upon the debtor for payment directly to you. We will also instruct the debtor to contact you with any questions. We will advise the debtor this is their last chance at resolution before they incur the fees and costs which may be assesses in litigation.

Why send Attorney Demand Letters?

Sometimes it boils down to priorities. Who do you think the debtor is going to pay? One creditor has hired an attorney threatening legal action. Other creditors are doing nothing or sending their own demand letters. In most cases, the debtor will pay the creditor who appears to be the greatest threat. If you use our Attorney Demand Letter Service, that could be you!

Available for all claims under $5000.00.

Our exclusive DEMAND LETTER SERVICE is available for all claims under $5000.00 and may be just what is needed to get your debtor’s attention. If, however, you are convinced that more aggressive efforts may be necessary, we offer an alternative for all claims in excess of $2500, our  Contingency Fee Service. This is a full service alternative for those larger claims. There are no upfront fees or costs prior to suit. Our experienced Florida collection attorneys will make formal written demand, conduct a preliminary investigation to determine if the debtor is still in business or can be located, and attempt telephone contact with the debtor or the debtor’s attorney in an effort to secure payment before litigation becomes necessary.

What if the Debtor doesn’t pay?

No worries, our experienced Florida collection attorneys will attempt to collect your debt on our normal contingency fees  prior to suit.

So what have you got to lose?

Questions: Give us a call anytime.

Do you have a question before you have us send your demand letter. Give us a call at 904-636-8600 or email us any time and we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.